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What We Do

IOT Group is the seeding company of a group of innovation driven startups. It's an imaginative playground as well as a battlefield for young talented people. We serve national and international markets with advanced design and technology. Our long-term vision and strategic thinking drive us to look for a better future, and we design our products with people, environment, economy and society in mind. Be it Advanced Robotics We strive to innovate the best. Where others give up, we come up with ideas.

  • Product That Enable

    Vision, Design and Technology

  • Product That Care

    Vision, Design and Technology

  • Product That Empower

    Vision, Design and Technology

Career Opportunities

  • Great Teamwork.

    We design our organization structure to foster highly effective team work. By learning from nature, small and agile organizations benefit when individual team members work in cooperation with each other, setting and striving for unit and individual goals.

  • Outstanding Career Prospects.

    Finding the best job match is the key to career success and personal realization. We make sure that our candidates are facing the right career opportunity for them individually, or otherwise we won't hire. After recruiting, we try our best to inspire you to do exceptional work. Top performance is the only option at IOT Group for everyone, thus you work with better people.

  • Cheerful Workspace.

    Our office is carefully selected considering space, location, surroundings and other factors people care about. Major subway station, bus station and taxi station are within a few hundred meters. And you can reach beautiful green city parks, diversified delicious restaurants, shopping malls, gyms and more by walking.



We designed our organization architecture and management system to empower our people to make greater impacts to our society.


We provide fast growing opportunities and only recruit better people to ensure the fast growth of our team.


Our work is performance oriented, and we strive to innovate the best with flexible time policy.

Our Works

Industrial Ant

Collect industrial sensory data in a reliable way.

Rock Basestation

LPWAN for large scale consumer IoT applications.

Cloud Agent

Connect things into the cloud with this chipset.

Titan Basestation

LPWAN for large scale industrial IoT applications.

Vessel OBU

World's first large-scale LPWAN application.

Paper Cell

Beautiful e-ink cell phone runs on battery for a year.

Safe Guard

Millitary-grade encryption to guard your building.

Life Signal

Send SOS and location signal for 20+ miles range.

New Projects

Open To Hire

AI, Deep Learning, Knowledge Graph

[ Education ]

AI, IoT, Data Analytics

[ Agriculture ]

AI, Deep Learning, IoT

[ Retailing ]
Open To Hire


[ Auditing ]
Open To Hire

AI, Robotics, STEM

[ Children ]
Open To Hire


[ Restaurant ]
Open To Hire


[ Data Services ]
Open To Hire


[ Start Up ]

Our Brands

IOT Group incubate internal projects into innovation driven startups to systematically make our world a better place. We innovate the best to empower our clients. And we are always ready to explore the next exciting journey together with you.